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How to Show Hidden Files Windows 10 Using Command Prompt

If want to know, how to show hidden files and folders Windows 10 using command prompt? We share the guideline in this article on how to completely showing hidden folders or files in your operating system. Many ways your important files and folders may be hidden by a virus attack. Even you don’t have permission… Read More »

How to install Internet Explorer on Windows 10 – PowerShell

Do you know, How to install Internet Explorer on Windows 10 by PowerShell? It’s very easy to install internet explorer on your Windows operating system. If your internet explorer not opens in your device or turn off, you need to open again turn on IE. This article shows how to uninstall/install IE in your Windows… Read More »

How to Check Performance Monitor in Windows by Command Prompt

There are various types of performance monitor application online. But you can easy way to check your performance monitor in Windows 10 via run command prompt. This command-line help to save your time and easy way to find out your PCs monitor conditions that like PCs health. It will show you the real-time information about… Read More »