Shutdown Remote Computer CMD [How To]

By | December 8, 2021

How to shutdown remote computer CMD? Normally we can shut down a computer from the start menu shutdown icon. If you use a remote desktop and the same system using to shut down. But If you have a lot of computers, which need to be shut down at a time. Then, you can do it from a batch file and it’s very helpful.

Shutdown Remote Computer CMD:

Remembering the exact command would save a lot of time for system administrators. In this situation, there is a tool called PcShutdown.exe, and it’s developed by (Now it’s the part of Microsoft).
This Tool- PsShutdown.exe can be downloaded as part of PS Tools from Go to location –

How to Shutdown or Reboot Remote Computer from Command Line

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If you want to shut down your computer by running the below command-

PsShutdown.exe -u username -p password \\Remotecomputer

If the above command running well, you see a message like the below-

Remote computer is scheduled to reboot in 00.00.20.

If you want to shut down your system to set a schedule time, just you need to use -t switch to specify the time in 24 hours format. If you shut down at 3:30 PM today and your command would be-

PsShutdown.exe -t 15:30 -u username -p password \\Remotecomputer

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How to restart the remote computer command line?

You need to use the “PsShutdown” command for restarting a remote PC. You need to run the below command-

PsShutdown.exe -r -u username -p password \\RemoteComputerName

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