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How to install Internet Explorer on Windows 10 – PowerShell

Do you know, How to install Internet Explorer on Windows 10 by PowerShell? It’s very easy to install internet explorer on your Windows operating system. If your internet explorer not opens in your device or turn off, you need to open again turn on IE. This article shows how to uninstall/install IE in your Windows… Read More »

How to Delete Files from PowerShell

You can easily delete files from PowerShell by using command “Remove-Item”. This article helps to you how to delete a file this command as below. Just open PowerShell prompt and execute the command. remove-item file-path Example: PS C:\> Remove-Item C:\test\testFile.txt PS C:\> Read Also: How to Shutdown or Reboot Remote Computer from Command Line How… Read More »

How to Reboot Windows from PowerShell

You can easily reboot windows computer using PowerShell. This article helps you, how to use the command “restart-computer” from PowerShell CMD. How to Reboot Windows from PowerShell – At first, open PowerShell prompt by running from CMD. Just now run the below command which reboots windows without confirmation. Read Also: How to Start/Stop Service from… Read More »

How to Start/Stop Service from PowerShell

This Article help you, how to Start/Stop Windows Service by Powershell? You can easily use some PowerShell cmdlets ‘Stop-Service’, ‘Start-Service’ and ‘Restart-Service’. How to Stop Windows Service Using PowerShell – Just run the following steps to stop the Windows Service. Firstly, Open PowerShell with Admin Privileges. Now, you can do running ‘powershell’ command from the… Read More »