How to Check VPN Connection Status Command Line

By | May 15, 2019

How to Check VPN Connection Status Command, Line? If you use always VPN, you must have to know about the VPN connection status system on your windows from the command prompt. Netsh command helps to find the connection status of different networks, including the VPN.

You need to run the below command to find out the VPN status-

c:\>netsh interface show interface

How to Check VPN Connection Status Command Line
If you used Windows 7 computer and run this command to show status when you connected to VPN.

c:\>netsh interface show interface

Admin State    State          Type             Interface Name
Enabled        Disconnected   Dedicated        Wireless Network Connection
Enabled        Connected      Dedicated        Local Area Connection
Enabled        Connected      Dedicated        Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility
                                                  Client Connection

The netsh command shows you that’s connected currently. But I use Cisco AnyConnect for VPN connections.

Anyone who uses a different VPN client should have a corresponding network adapter added to your network connection. Anyone easily uses the above command and normally figures out the VPN connection. It helps to about the connection Status.

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