Start or Stop Service from PowerShell

By | February 16, 2019

This article helps you, how to start or stop Windows Service by Powershell? You can easily use some PowerShell cmdlets ‘Stop-Service’, ‘Start-Service’, and ‘Restart-Service’.

How to Start/Stop Service from PowerShell

How to Stop Windows Service Using PowerShell –

Just run the following steps to stop the Windows Service.

Firstly, Open PowerShell with Admin Privileges. Now, you can do a running ‘Powershell’ command from the elevated administrator by command prompt.
Secondly, Just run the below command –

stop-service serviceCode

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You can also use the ‘get-service’ command for confirming if the service was stopped or not.

How to Start Service Using PowerShell –

You need to run PowerShell with admin privileges and run the start-service command.

start-service serviceName

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