How to Start/Stop Service from PowerShell

By | February 16, 2019

This Article help you, how to Start/Stop Windows Service by Powershell? You can easily use some PowerShell cmdlets ‘Stop-Service’, ‘Start-Service’ and ‘Restart-Service’.

How to Start/Stop Service from PowerShell

How to Stop Windows Service Using PowerShell –

Just run the following steps to stop the Windows Service.

Firstly, Open PowerShell with Admin Privileges. Now, you can do running ‘powershell’ command from the elevated administrator by command prompt.
Secondly, Just run the below command –

stop-service serviceCode

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You can also use ‘get-service’ command for confirming if the service was stopped or not.

How to Start Service Using PowerShell –

You need to run PowerShell with admin privileges and run the start-service command.

start-service serviceName

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