Is 12GB RAM Enough For Gaming [8GB Vs 16GB Vs 32GB]

By | December 13, 2022

12GB of RAM is becoming the new standard for gaming laptops and PCs. Many games require at least 8GB of RAM, and some even recommend or require 12GB. If you’re looking to get the most out of your games, you will want at least 12GB of RAM.

Is 12GB RAM Enough For Gaming

As computers get faster, game system requirements rise. We need more RAM when we upgrade. As our needs grow, cheaper technology helps us avoid spending pennies on our facilities. New games require more memory, so gamer must use 16GB RAM.

Comparison Table:

Features –8GB RAM16GB RAM32GB RAM
MultitaskingGood for light multitasking and basic applications.Offers comfortable multitasking with multiple applications and tabs open.Excellent for heavy multitasking, running resource-intensive applications concurrently.
Application PerformanceSuitable for everyday tasks and older software.Provides better performance for modern applications and multitasking scenarios.Optimal performance for demanding software, large files, and complex tasks.
Future-ProofingMight start to lag with future software updates and demands.Offers better longevity and adaptability to evolving software requirements.Provides the best future-proofing and accommodates upcoming software advancements.
GamingCan handle light and older games fairly well.Supports modern gaming with smoother performance and reduced loading times.Ideal for gaming with high settings and running multiple applications alongside games.
Content CreationSuitable for basic photo editing and light content creation.Enables smoother video editing, graphic design, and working with larger media files.Excellent for professional content creation, 3D modeling, and video production.
Virtual MachinesLimited capability to run virtual machines.Better support for running virtual machines with improved performance.Provides optimal performance for running multiple virtual machines simultaneously.
Resource-Intensive TasksMay struggle with tasks like video rendering or large data analysis.Handles resource-intensive tasks more efficiently.Offers the best performance for heavy video editing, rendering, and scientific computations.
System StabilityAdequate stability for general usage and light multitasking.Reduces the risk of slowdowns and enhances overall system stability.Provides the most stable experience, even during intense multitasking and demanding tasks.
Overall ExperienceSuitable for basic users with light demands.Offers a balanced and smoother computing experience for most users.Provides top-tier performance for power users, professionals, and enthusiasts.

Choosing the right amount of RAM depends on your usage patterns, the complexity of tasks, and your budget. While 8GB is entry-level, 16GB strikes a balance for most users, and 32GB caters to those who demand high performance and multitasking capabilities.

Is 12GB RAM Enough For Gaming?

Are all games required to have 16GB of memory? What will happen if you want to play a game with many visuals on your computers, such as being stranded in death?

Even if you’re not interested in adding a second graphic: how do games with no problems or delays, like League of Legends or Fortnite, perform? Let’s see – Is 16GB or 32GB, or 8GB RAM Enough for Gaming?

What does RAM do in video games?

In Gaming What is RAM Used

During processing on your PC, data and apps are stored in RAM (Random Access Memory). RAM enables you to load game data to RAM quickly, so RAM is vital to your computer’s performance.

An insufficient amount of RAM causes sluggish frames and a bad gaming experience. A dedicated GPU has built-in memory called vRAM. VRAM differs from system RAM because it’s dedicated to monitors. VRAM should be increased via RAM to fix 4K performance issues.

Gamers no longer need 4GB of RAM. 4GB of RAM isn’t enough for modern gaming due to upgrades and advancements.

AMD’s processor provided 8GB of memory and 256 MB of visual RAM to the Xbox One. Even though more RAM does not always make games run faster, Xbox One could run longer without utilizing slower storage.

Details About the RAM:

Let’s check the RAM’s key components.


It’s where the RAM is located on a computer. Even though the computer has other memory areas, this page shows the mainframe. With more RAM, your computer and CPU can handle both more data and more applications at the same time. You are balancing a lot of work tasks while playing an intense game. That’s so cool!


When data or a program is used, it is put into memory. There are many ways to remember things. RAM is the one most often used.


SSD, also known as solid-state drives, is a key component of RAM and computer memory. SSDs are additional storage devices for computers.


A Gigabyte is represented by GB. Storage is basically measured in gigabytes for consoles, computers, or gadgets. The greater the amount of memory provided, the greater the memory size of the hardware.

4GB of RAM is Enough for the Games:

Even though these graphics show that games with 4GB RAM can run quickly. Gamer would no longer need 4GB RAM because adding 8GB RAM gives them more room to grow.

How much RAM should I have?

8GB of RAM

According to guidelines for minimum standards, up to 8GB is allowed. Most games today run fine with 8GB of RAM. It means you should really use more than 4GB of RAM for your gaming system.

Is it worth it to spend money on 16GB of RAM to play games?

RAM investing in for gaming 16GB

There is no downside to using 16GB of RAM. Most games require 8GB rather than the minimum 16GB required by some. Even though it may not seem necessary to most, if you have a powerful PC, you might consider setting at least 16GB of RAM. Do you still have any questions about – Is 12GB RAM enough for gaming?

32GB of RAM:

While games do not utilize the full 32GB of RAM, you can still imagine how powerful gaming computers can be. For a decent amount of RAM, 32GB might be ideal if you would like to have absolutely no stuttering, no lag, and no other problems with graphics.

How much RAM should you have?

How much RAM need

So you may not be using a gaming PC for all your work and gaming needs. What is the ideal amount of RAM for different devices? Here’s what you need to know. Check it out.


It is most likely that the RAM GB of your tablet will not exceed 4GB if you only use it to read e-books and play crosswords. If you play video games, watch Netflix, or watch digital media intensely, you might consider upgrading to 8GB RAM.


RAM can vary between laptops. In the Steam forums, Often, you will see whether a particular game runs on a particular laptop or if it is more graphically challenging. Gaming shouldn’t be the only consideration when buying a laptop, so 4GB is a smart choice. However, it is better to go for an 8GB, NVIDIA, or AMD GPU if you plan to play seriously.


For Desktop User

You need at least 8GB of RAM for gaming on a desktop. Games won’t run as well if the computer doesn’t have enough processing power because they must stop every time it restarts to save and retrieve data.

For Gamer:

Gamer CPU, GPU, and RAM need a bit more juice. At least 8GB of RAM is usually required for gaming PCs. As a result, if you’re building a gaming setup that requires more than 16GB or 32GB, or 8GB. It’s recommended that most players have 8GB of memory. There will certainly be difficulties and challenges as everything is lower. Let’s See – Is 8GB RAM Enough for Windows 11, Students, Office Work

Which RAM should you do choice?

We have seen that some games may need more than 12GB RAM, though. If you play graphics-intensive games, you may need a high-end graphics card. Large games may require a larger hard drive. Online multiplayer games may require a faster internet connection. I hope you have no questions about – 12GB RAM being enough for gaming.

FAQs –

Question 1: Is 12GB RAM good for gaming?

Answer: Yes, 12GB RAM is good for gaming. It is the recommended amount of RAM for most gaming computers. Having 12GB of RAM will allow you to run games smoothly without lag. It will also allow you to multitask better since you will have more RAM to work with.

Question 2: Is 12GB RAM overkill?

Answer: No, 12 GB RAM is not over-killed. In fact, it is the recommended amount of RAM for gaming computers. Having 12GB of RAM will allow you to run games smoothly and have plenty of memory for other programs you might be running in the background.

Question-3: Is 16GB RAM Enough For Gaming?

Answer: Yes, 16GB RAM is enough for gaming. Most games will run just fine with 16GB RAM. However, a few games will require more RAM, such as AAA games. If you plan to play any of these games, you may need to upgrade to 32GB RAM.

Question 4: Is 32GB RAM enough for gaming?

Answer: 32GB RAM can run the gaming. RAM is an important factor in how well a computer can run games. 32GB of RAM will run most games smoothly. For most Gamer, 32GB of RAM is enough, but serious Gamer may need more.

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