How To Delete Temp Files Using Command Prompt

By | February 20, 2019

How To Delete Temp Files Using Command Prompt? You can easily delete permanently Temporary files from the computer. Just follow the few steps to delete temp files using the command prompt.

At first, write the following Command Prompt – del /q/f/s %TEMP%\*How To Delete Temp Files Using Command Prompt
When you submitted the command prompt and press enter. You have done it.

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How to Delete Temporary Files in Windows 7?

At first, you need to press the “Windows button + R“, then open the “Run” dialog box.
Now, just press to enter the text- %temp%

Just click on “OK” and just open the new temp folder.

Select the all files – “Ctrl + A”
Now, “Shift + Delete” button on your keyboard and click to “Yes” confirm.

All temp files will be deleted.
Note: sometimes you will face a problem to deleted the temp files and it will not delete clearly. At this moment just click the “Skip”.

This process quickly helps to speed up your PC, Laptop device because junk files and temp files slowing down your personal computer.

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