Net Share Command: List – Create – Delete Network Shares from CMD

By | April 20, 2022

A network share can be created, configured, and deleted from the command line by using the net share command. Syntax and examples are provided below for the net share command.

The command-line method for creating a network share:

Net Share Command
You can create a share using the following syntax.

net share sharename=folderpath /grant:username,permissions
sharename: You can assign name to the share you are going to create
username: Login id of the user whom you want to share the folder with
permission: Read, Change, or Full

The folder can be shared E:/Docs with all domain users and grant them full permission

net share Docs=E:\Documents /grant:everyone,FULL

The number of simultaneous accesses to a share can be limited if multiple users can access it simultaneously. The system will run more efficiently as a result. By running the following command, the limit will be increased to 10.

net share Docs=E:\Documents /grant:everyone,FULL  /users:10

You can grant only read rights to a specific user by using the following command:

net share Docs=E:\Documents /grant:username,READ

The command line is used to remove a network share (i.e., to stop the folder from being shared)

net share sharename /delete

The share created above can be deleted by following these steps: for example, run the following command.

net share docs /delete

It is also possible to disable sharing by modifying the folder’s physical location.

net share E:\Docs /delete

List the shares that have been created on your local computer:

net share

Shares on remote computers can be deleted:

net share sharename \\remotepc /delete

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