How to Create a New User on Windows 10 with Command Line

By | April 10, 2022

The command line may be used to add users instead of the GUI in some cases. By using a script, we can add 100 users very quickly. You can perform this task with the net user commands provided by Windows. Windows 10 and Windows 7 are both compatible with this command.

Add a New User Account on Windows 10:

How to Create a New User on Windows 10 with Command Line

net user username password /ADD

Sample: The login ID and password of 29SASIAN should be used to create a new user account.

net user John fadf24as /ADD

How to Hidden the Password:

When creating a new user account, you can choose to hide a password by using ‘*’.

C:\>net user /add John *
Type a password for the user: 
Retype the password to confirm:
The command was completed successfully.

How to add a new user account to the domain:

net user username password /ADD /DOMAIN

Domain names are not included in the command.


net user John fadf24as /ADD /DOMAIN

How to Rename the User Account?

You can’t rename a user account with the net use command. However, wmic commands can be used to accomplish that. Check Here – Rename File How to?

Uses of net user commands that are more advanced:

When creating a new account, users are required to set their full names.

net user username password /ADD /FULLNAME:"User_Fullname"

Passwords can be changed by the user by following these steps:

net user username password /ADD /PASSWORDCHG:Yes

Passwords should not be changed by users:

net user username userpasswd /ADD /PASSWORDCHG:NO

/EXPIRES allows us to configure account expiry time. Accounts can also be set to never expire using this option.

Use the /PASSWORDREQ switch to specify if a password is required. To learn more about all the options available to Internet users, click here. Read to Check – Examples & Syntax

How to create a new administrator account on windows 7?

An administrator account cannot be created directly. To add a user to the Administrators group, first, create the user’s account.

Found of Errors:

  • Adding a new user account to the system is not allowed if you don’t have privileges. The following is an example of this error.
C:\>net user John /add
    System error 5 has occurred.
    Access is denied.
  • You must connect your computer to the domain before adding a user. This error is displayed otherwise.
C:\>net user testuser testpassword /ADD /DOMAIN
    The request will be processed at a domain controller for domain
    System error 1355 has occurred.
    The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted.

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