One Side of Beats Headphones Not Working [6 Way to Fix]

By | November 26, 2022

Because Beats headphones have advanced technology, they deliver superior-quality music to your ears. While the price of these products is a bit higher than the others, their great quality is very much worth the money spent. A few users of these headphones have reported experiencing issues with at least one side of the headphones after purchasing them.
One Side of Beats Headphones Not Working
You may have been unable to hear from both sides of your headphones due to a simple misconfiguration that can be easily fixed. Let’s look at all the fixes for Beats Solo 3/2’s not working on one side.

How to Fix One Side of Beats Headphones Not Working?

1) Plug the jack in properly and fully –

Your first step is to ensure the headphones are properly and fully connected. The headphone may receive no signals from one side because the cable is half-plugged. Consequently, it is imperative that you fully plug in the cable jack. If necessary, eject and reconnect the cable.
Plug Accurately
I hope that this resolves your issue. The sound should be heard on both sides when you plug in the Beats Solo. Take the sound cable out when you are playing music. Reconnect the Bluetooth and restart your headphones.

2) Configuring your device’s audio settings –

You can usually choose what device you wish to route your audio to from most devices you use to play music. If you change the audio routing or have any issues with those settings, you will have issues with your Beats headphones not working on one side.
Check Adjust Configuration Setting
Ensure all the settings on your device’s audio settings panel are correct. This will solve the problem. In that case, you should change them so that your Beats headphones are the audio player you want to use as the output device.

3) Verify that the music is playing on your device –

If your headphones work fine, the problem might be with the device you’re using to play music. The Beats headphones may not work on one side because your device is not producing audio signals properly. You can fix the problem by checking and ensuring that music is playing on your audio device.

Check if you can hear anything when you play music through the device’s speakers. In that case, your Beats headphones will not work, and you need to fix your device, so both sides of your headphones work.

4) Play Music with a New Device –

If you are using an audio source that can’t send audio signals, it might also be an issue with that device. Test your headphones with other devices to make sure that’s the case. Play some music on your other devices with your Beats headphones. It is most likely your audio device, not your headphones, responsible for the problem.

5) Ensure that your device is updated with the latest operating system –

For smoother operation, update your operating system on almost every device. It is possible that the older version of the OS on your device is causing problems with Beats headphones if you haven’t installed any recent updates.

Usually, the app or panel on your device that downloads and installs updates is the way to get the latest updates on your device. Launch that app or panel and update your device.
iOS devices can be updated by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

6) Seller should receive the returned product –

The Beats headphones could have issues if none of the above solutions work for you. Replace them if they do not work. Your faulty headphones can be replaced by contacting the seller from whom you purchased them. If you need a new working unit, they should be able to provide it.

Final Word:

This guide will hopefully help you fix the issues with one side of beats headphones not working by following the steps above. Then you can enjoy listening to music on your device without worrying about any issues. If nothing seems to work, the company can also help since you can contact them for assistance.

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